How It Works

Family Rescue Foundation is a lifeline to enrich the lives of struggling single parents  and kids within a broken system.

  • Introduction to Family Rescue Foundation

    Our at-risk parents struggling to pay their child support are referred by our community partners and friends.

  • Background Screening & Interview

    Family Rescue Foundation requires all participating families to complete an extensive application, interview and background check process prior to acceptance in to our program. This process usually takes a minimum of 2 weeks to complete.

  • Community Service

    Once the potential member completes our application process and passes the required background checks, we connect these single parents to community service projects provided by our partners.

  • Child Support Paid

    The volunteered credit hours worked are exchanged to cash and paid by FRF directly to the Dept. of Economic Security via their ATLAS number to offset a portion of unpaid child support to the family in need.

  • Family Development

    Our member families and kids will be able to choose educational and development classes to assist in life challenges, mentor at risk parents in coping skills to improve parenthood, counsel families in career training and court obligations and remedy all our family members from hopelessness.  We work with single parent homes, vets, multi-generationals, homelessness, and those suffering from addiction.

  • Coaching for Success

    Our youth activity program, will encourage our member kids to engage in positive after school activities, such as Music, Sports, Arts & Theater, Journalism, Culinary, Technology, Volunteerism, and much more, to inspire them to reach their goals, keeping them away from negative peer pressure and counter productive activities that lead them into destructive behaviors and outcomes.